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Nu är det snart dags att visa upp Seascape 14 ” D2 ” ett mycket spännande projekt där Seascape skapar en egen trend. LOA: around 4m Hull weight: around 70kg – above average stability to allow maneuvres in stronger wind – super comfortable hiking (we made 40 mockups and tested them with 20 people) – adjustable sail configuration: – Only main and daggerboard in aft slot for singlehanded or lots of wind (like Laser) – Main and jib and Gennaker with daggerboard in forward slot for doublehanded and more skilled crew. – Wheels that can be attached to the boat instead of the beach trolley and carried on the boat. – Adapted for adventure cruising like a very comfortable sea kayak (wheels, place for waterproof bags…) – Hull weight like a Laser so you can cary it on the roof of the car. – Price for a basic version around 7000EUR+VAT for a full (gennaker, jib…) about 8000EUR – THESE ARE VERY ROUGH ESTIMATES

Teknisk specifikation

LOA (Skrov) 4m
DSPL tom 70kg