Behind every Seascape, there is a lot of engineering and design thinking. It all starts with the idea, but Sam is the first one to start shaping the new sailing machine into something that much later becomes a finished product. He is renowned as one of the most talented young yacht designers from the new French generation of naval architects. He started his career as a racer on the mini class, designing his boats. Today he is the most successful designer on class 40, with his last designs winning most of the races. He is also the reason for the performance of every Seascape to date.


In the video below Sam is answering the questions from Seascapers about the rudder system. The video was filmed just before the Bohus race 2015, which is a 170 NM long doublehanded regatta. The route is a combination of in-fjord sailing, starting from Uddevalla, and offshore/coastal sailing, navigating the open sea and numerous islands and fjords, towards Norway with the finish line in Smogen, Sweden


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